Flowers of Emptiness

Read Time:6 Minute, 29 Second
  1. Uncover the Truth
  2. King of mountains
  3. Root of evil
  4. Unmoved
  5. Morning
  6. Immortality
  7. Great Divine
  8. Emptiness
  9. What is Real
  10. Path
  11. Rectification
  12. Betrayal of Gods
  13. Waiting for the Truth
  14. Demon of hate
  15. Heaven and Earth
  16. Masquerade
  17. Universe
  18. Drugs
  19. Seeker
  20. Exile I
  21. Exile II
  22. Exile III
  23. Exile IV
  24. Exile V
  25. Salvation
  26. Coincidence
  27. Middle-earth
  28. Demons
  29. You look for a purpose
  30. Conqueror
  31. Hypocrites
  32. Pilgrimage
  33. Illusory
  34. Simulacrum
  35. Vox
  36. Secrets disclosed
  37. Flame
  38. Downward spiral
  39. Homeland
  40. Course of Truth
  41. Eternity
  42. Subverted
  43. Storms, hurricanes, whirlwinds
  44. Intricacy
  45. Mysteries
  46. Passage
  47. New Beginnings
  48. Roads
  49. Flow of time
  50. Planet
  51. Breath of Earth
  52. Flame II
  53. Development
  54. Truth
  55. Dao
  56. Creator
  57. Cultivation Practice
  58. Perfection
  59. Flow
  60. Reality
  61. “Coordinator”
  62. Truth II
  63. Lost Origin
  64. Silence
  65. Cruise
  66. Fellowship
  67. Simple
  68. Complex
  69. History repeating
  70. Rejection
  71. Fate of thiefs
  72. Play

Flowers of Emptiness

Uncover the Truth
Saints, Sages, Enlightened
all talk about the same thing
enlightened in illusion
unburdened walks trhrough life

King of mountains
Mighty stature
Towering amid heaven and earth
Strikes a rock
Fulfilling the dream of thousand years

Root of evil
Lies, selfishness, falsehood
Ungrasped emotions, incorrect deeds
How long can hypocrites last doing evil
They end up confused and disappointed

Amidst lies and deceit
Defamations and misinformations
Firmly rooted
Was here and will forever stay

From darkness of night
Gleam of first rays
Demons scorched by desire
Unverse’s genius loci

Betraying people by wild theories
by made up principles
flowers grow on the graves of people
Immortality reached by few

Great Divine
Firmly rooted in the Law
freely raming with the Truth
boldly claryfying the Truth
God reaching the heavens

Emptiness fills the cosmos
Pervades the boundaries
Sage observes the emptiness
Universe created anew

What is Real
You hear what you want to hear
You see what you want to see
Reality covered by mask of illusion
To enlighten in the world is hard

Heavy step
no turning back
ten thousand years
passes in a flash

Human hears corrupted
Path destroyed
Humanity has no hope for survival
Saints and sages forswear
Averting the cathastrophe impossible
Rectified course – easier march

Betrayal of Gods
Created for a higher purpose
Who created gods?
Short is man’s fate
Wehere to find the path home?

Waiting for the Truth
Lies, half-truth, fabrications
cover is core
How long will they keep lying
Truth will find them like a ball lightning

Demon of hate
Nobrains natue of hate
Chrome-like sharp body
Inside without thinking of a bug
Illuminating light rectifies evil

Heaven and Earth
What you see is an illusion, fake
Sky is whide and tall
Earths are hundred thousands
Humankind cannot progress
Gods don’t want to help
Hard is human fate
Paths of enlightened are different

Your thoughts are not yours
Your acts chaotic
Getting lost in complex world of different truths
Uprooted like a grass in the wind

Mystery hidden to the eye
Only cultivator can see the truth
From great hardships emerges enlightened being
Don’t be disappointed on the path to perfection

Substances altering the mind
Substances altering the matter
Substances altering the fate
Caution and courage revealing cosmos
Do not forget lessons learned

All paths travelled
Looked within
Whole cosmos in palm of hand
I alone endured

Exile I
Banished to exile
By a community of idiots
that couldn’t believe
In the name of God doing things
Beware those claiming
to be Gods

Exile II
Banisehd by leaders of religion
Envious, selfish, madness
Practising lies, thinking they are Buddhas
Noone could escape his fate

Exile III
Exiled away
with silent approval of community
story slashed
what would you do – we’ll never know

Exile IV
Stupid and ignorant
usefull idiot
life passed thousand times
couldn’t read the notes

Exile V
Shallow impotent ignoramus
Promised salvation
He himself first fleed, let people die
Not ashamed does not respect innocents

To promis people salvation
Then let them die
Is tis responsibility?

Paths of life are hard-coded
Events follow one after another
Enlightened by wisdom will cast off
Free or a slave that suffers

Some write about a country in the middle
My nation, my native soil
Can you conquer lacking intellect
Can you enrich the earth by force?

They can’t hide
their cowardly nature
boasting proudly
hell awaits them

You look for a purpose
Thousands of lives, lost, wandering the world
Looking for answers to meaning of life
Nobody can respond in flight
Looking up from books – a Buddha

Buddha – demon slayer
walks, lives on earth
hurry up and follow his steps
spiritual wealth won’t pass you by

Showing off grand words
Can’t penetrate the depths
Willing to die for ideas
Fanatically lost always fighting
Deeds hurt
Words disguise
Thoughts erratic
Paths enclose
Who can find the Truth in a world of lies

Born into this world
Lost in the illusion of being
You find sages and roads
Who can enlighten to Truth?

Mechanicaly executing rutine actions
Feeling meaningful breainwashing yourself
That is your Path, maybe you come round
Do not rely on mass hysteria

Number of universes uncountable
Cosmic beings permeate dimensions
Timespaces are turning and intersect
Who is able to crack the enigma?

God’s voice unveils mystery
Complexity of dimensiouns and timespaces
Who can unveil the Truth of being
What a long path awaits you

Secrets disclosed
Mysteries of cosmos unveils
Predestined people enlightening to truths
Who can penetrate enigma
Moral realization leads people to good

Divine flames
burns the soul
spring of Truth
has run dry in the world

Downward spiral
Ignoring all warnings
rushing to ruin
begging on knees for God’s help
why is nobody answering

Ancient land
gives witness to history
Where are those grand gods
Where to find them to-day

Course of Truth
Cold cut on heart
Sailing frozen lands
Mouth full of salvation
Who enlightned in illusion?

Water, air, fire, earth, metal
Nothing escapes the cycle
Set free from illusion of the world
Temporal state of existence

Operating modern technology
Dismissing modern values
snakes, lieces and vipers
hiding in yellow and blue

Storms, hurricanes, whirlwinds
demonstrating their ancient power
claiming to rectify spiritual law
blind sheep hypocritically marching

Human fortunes flow like a river
harms, deceit, murders, wars
Blessed is he who is born in peace
Travelling the world, fortifying pacts

Mystery of the Universe
who can decipher the enigma
Lifetime after lifetime
Locked in illusion
Time flows slowly
human life is short
consciousness outgrows all dimensions
in one thought – enlightened

Faithfully earning your daily bread
Cultivationg in free time
Looking for the key to true initiation – finding
Not even ten thousand beings can confuse him

New Beginnings
Aeons of eras waiting for the truth
Laws acquired wandering the world
Solving problems small and big
Towering amid heaven and earth

Intricacy of human affairs
Consumption of alcohol sans guests
He who bridges the worlds of universes
From body only bones in a sec

Flow of time
Flash in a blink of an eye
time is passing, time drags on
how many lifes are you waiting for salvation
Then doing foolish things instead of cultivation

Hell and Paradise
Heaven and Earth
Where were you created
Where do I find the Truth?

Breath of Earth
Oceans, forests, cities
Human in his hive
Higher truths lead human affairs
Creator cannot be found in the world

Flame II
Fireplace roars with flames of change
Who is heavenly Creator?
Simulation of reality and pain
Let him come forward who says he is redeemer

Time has it’s flow
The end is vast
Easy it is to write about Gods
Who will bring the True knowledge

Lies, hypocrisy, falsehood
Envy, evil, hate
Shalowness, brainwashed head
the path to heaven leads another way
than you imagine
Stopped reflecting
your acts are guided by the devil
catching straws
who’ll save you from a sinking ship
only a few can find a way back

Hundreds of years looking for the path
Truth cannot be found in the world
Only ascending
You’ll see the Truth is dead

Who created the Creator
and who created the creator’s creator’s
religious dogmas
Won’t help on the path to Perfection

Cultivation Practice
What happened to my dear
cultivation practice
Religious dogmas
Hypocrisy, hate
inverted principles
demonisation of innocence

Original conflict
Existential horror
Change of thinking
Spiritual perfection

Merciful simplicity
everyday forgetfullness
it is real or just a dream
Cherish true knowledge

Prison in your heart
Prison in your mind
Always closer
Prison on your skin

Exploiting your post
Wondering why nobody likes you
Desiring power, money and fame
Characterless pig

Truth II
Distorted perception
Dark enlightenment
Betrayd your soul
Demon in human skin

Lost Origin
Every nation has it’s traditional culture
Extinction of orginial movements
Lost path instead chaos
What generation could forgive betrayal

Bleak autumn
Cold rain
Fake prophets
Where is saviour?

Where others ended
I am just starting
Thousands of difficulties
The ship will reach the shore in the end

Exercising in compassionate field
Surrounded by friends and
Friendly faces
Creating history
Planning projects
Thiefs, cheats and falsehood
Have no chance
Snakes, rats and bugs
flee with fear

Intellectualy inferior
stupid, primitive, simpleton
who will taslk to you?
Who will help you from your nightmare?

Champion of thought
Creator of philosopical branch
Spiritual perfection
Walks high and upright

History repeating
Religion has it’s history of blood
Abused by blind fanatics
Anchored in system to this day
Quickly wake up from your illusion

Heaven is astonished
by your arrogancy
Cosmos echoes with laughter
Who dare’s to cross the path of the chosen one
Pain and suffering will not leave you
Proudly walks the earth
expelled from Paradise
for his bravery
insubordinate nature
pride of intellectual excellence
and spiritual Perfection

Fate of thiefs
Gain clouded the mind
stealing, lying, defraud
hard is to live on earth
consciousness weighing down

Aeons of time
waiting for the truth
fakes, illusion, secrets
Come out to light
Heaven, hell, paradise