President: People Shouldn’t Remain Silent If They See Anti-Semitism Around Them

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People shouldn’t remain silent if they see signs of anti-Semitism around them, President Zuzana Caputova said on Friday, marking Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence at the Fish Square in Bratislava, drawing attention to the rise of extremism.

According to the head of state, our concessions to these efforts can relativise evil, the consequences of which minority communities understand.

In connection with the events surrounding the Holocaust, the president stated that verbal attacks, persecution and discrimination affected Jews to the greatest extent. “Many who survived the concentration camps were looking for a safer and freer home abroad. We thus lost a lot of doctors, lawyers, scientists, workers with whom we could have built and restored our common state,” said Caputova, noting that survivors felt prejudice for many years after the war. According to the president, their experience was passed on to the next generations even a few years after the war.

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